UI Text

Text for various UI elements, `_layouts`, and `_includes` have all been grouped together as a set of translation keys. This is by no means a full-on i18n solution, but it does help make customizing things a bit easier. Currently the English[^yaml-anchors] main keys in `_data/ui-text.yml` are translated to the following languages: * Brazilian Portguese (Português brasileiro) * Chinese * French (Français) * German (Deutsch) * Italian (Italiano) * Spanish (Español) * Turkish (Türkçe) If you're are interested in localizing them into other languages feel free to submit a pull request and I will be happy to look it over. [^yaml-anchors]: `en-US`, and `en-GB` use [YAML anchors](http://www.yaml.org/spec/1.2/spec.html#id2785586) to reference the values in `en` as to not repeat them. Many of the label based keys like `meta_label`, `categories_label`, `tags_label`, `share_on_label`, and `follow_label` can be left blank if you'd like to omit them from view. It really depends on you and if you want an even more minimal look to your site. ![UI text labels](https://igards.github.io/images/mm-ui-text-labels.jpg) **Note:** The theme comes with localized text in English (`en`, `en-US`, `en-GB`). If you change `locale` in `_config.yml` to something else, most of the UI text will go blank. Be sure to add the corresponding locale key and translated text to `_data/ui-text.yml` to avoid this. {: .notice--warning}