Sites that may have content authored from various individuals can be accommodated by using [data files]( To assign an author to a post or page that is different from the site author specified in `_config.yml`: **Step 1.** Create `_data/authors.yml` and add authors using the following format. Any variables found under `author:` in `_config.yml` can be used (e.g. `name`, `avatar`, `uri`, social media profiles, etc.). ```yaml # /_data/authors.yml Billy Rick: name: "Billy Rick" uri: "" email: "" bio: "What do you want, jewels? I am a very extravagant man." avatar: "bio-photo-2.jpg" twitter: "extravagantman" Cornelius Fiddlebone: name: "Cornelius Fiddlebone" email: "" bio: "I ordered what?" avatar: "bio-photo.jpg" twitter: "rhymeswithsackit" ``` **Step 2.** Assign one of the authors in `authors.yml` to a post or page you wish to override the `` with. Example: To assign `Billy Rick` as an author for a post the following YAML Front Matter would be applied: ```yaml author: Billy Rick ```