Working with Collections

Collections like posts and pages work as you'd expect. If you're new to them be sure to read [Jekyll's documentation]( The theme has been built with collections in mind and you will find [several examples]( on the demo site ([portfolio](, [recipes](, pets). **Collections in the Wild:** This set of documentation is also [built as a collection]( if you're looking for a fully fleshed out example to inspect. {: .notice--info} --- A popular use case for collections is to build a portfolio section as part of one's personal site. Let's quickly walk through the steps to do that. **Step 1:** Configure the portfolio collection by adding the following to `_config.yml`. ```yaml collections: portfolio: output: true permalink: /:collection/:path/ ``` These settings essentially say output `index.html` files for each portfolio document in `_portfolio` at `_site/portfolio//`. Just like posts and pages you'll probably want to set some defaults for the Front Matter: ```yaml defaults: # _portfolio - scope: path: "" type: portfolio values: layout: single author_profile: false share: true ``` And then create portfolio content like [`_portfolio/`](, to end up with something like this. ![portfolio collection example](