Having trouble working with the theme? Found a typo in the documentation? Interested in adding a feature or [fixing a bug]( Then by all means [submit an issue]( or [pull request]( If this is your first pull request, it may be helpful to read up on the [GitHub Flow]( first. Minimal Mistakes has been designed as a base for you to customize and fit your site's unique needs. Please keep this in mind when requesting features and/or submitting pull requests. If it's not something that most people will use, I probably won't consider it. When in doubt ask. This goes for author sidebar links and "share button" additions -- I have no intention of merging in every possibly option, the essentials are there to get you started :smile:. ## Pull Requests To help me out try to avoid creating pull requests on `master` and instead branch off of `develop`. It's much easier for me to test, merge, and roll them into new releases this way.