Quick-Start Guide

Minimal Mistakes has been developed to be 100% compatible with hosting a site on [GitHub Pages](https://pages.github.com/). To get up and running with a new GitHub repository quickly, follow these steps or jump ahead to the [full installation guide](https://igards.github.io/docs/installation/). ## Fork the Theme Fork the [Minimal Mistakes theme](https://github.com/mmistakes/minimal-mistakes/fork), then rename the repo to **USERNAME.github.io** --- replacing **USERNAME** with your GitHub username.
fork Minimal Mistakes
**Note:** Your Jekyll site should be viewable immediately at . If it's not, you can force a rebuild by **Customizing Your Site** (see below for more details). {: .notice--warning} If you're hosting several Jekyll based sites under the same GitHub username you will have to use Project Pages instead of User Pages. Essentially you rename the repo to something other than **USERNAME.github.io** and create a `gh-pages` branch off of `master`. For more details on how to set things up check [GitHub's documentation](https://help.github.com/articles/user-organization-and-project-pages/).
creating a new branch on GitHub
**ProTip:** Be sure to [delete](https://github.com/blog/1377-create-and-delete-branches) the `gh-pages` branch if you forked Minimal Mistakes. This branch contains the documentation and demo site for the theme and you probably don't want that showing up in your repo. {: .notice--info} ## Customize Your Site Open up `_config.yml` found in the root of the repo and edit anything under **Site Settings**. For a full explanation of every setting be sure to read the [**Configuration**](https://igards.github.io/docs/configuration/) section, but for now let's just change the site's title.
editing _config.yml file
Edit text files without leaving GitHub.com
Committing a change to `_config.yml` (or any file in your repository) will force GitHub Pages to rebuild your site with Jekyll. It should then be viewable a few seconds later at `https://USERNAME.github.io`. --- Congratulations! You've successfully forked the theme and are up an running with GitHub Pages. Now you're ready to add content and customize the site further.